Contest Schedule and Pricing

GroomTeam USA Sanctioned

Contest Registration deadline: February 17, 2022

Regular Contests

(includes Mixed Salon/Freestyle, Other Purebreds, Wire Coats, Sporting, and Poodles)

  • Entry Level: $50
  • Intermediate Level: $75
  • Open Level: $100

Special Contests

  • The Wahl Clipper Classic: $100
  • Creative Dog & Cat Styling: $100
  • The Extreme Duo: $150 (fee is for 2 people)
  • Abstract Dog & Cat Design Challenge: $100
  • GroomBowl® Am Division: $500 per Team
  • GroomBowl® Pro Division: $500 per Team
    *Please visit the GroomBowl® rules page for important information about this contest.

Please visit our registration page to register for grooming contests.

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